Draws for the next Cup rounds.

3rd  BULLETIN OF THE SEASON 2019 – 2020.

Hope you have all got over the festivities, and looking forward to the second half of the season. Paying in night isTuesday28th January at the Tramways Club. Time 7.30 to 9.00. Below are the draws for the next cup rounds.

2nd round of the Individuals to be played on Monday 27th January 8.pm starts.

Game to be played at the Tramways. The following Teams to take part.

Rangers, Barleycorns, Wookey Hole C.C., Brit Boys, Wootton 9, Well Shod, Strawberry Specials, Georgians, E.M.I. Bees, Clubmen, Viceroys, Natch Boys, Hillbillies, Whizz Kids, Priddy 8, Mendip Casuals. TOP 8 GO THROUGH TO NEXT ROUND. Marker Mr S. Emery.

The Game to be played at The Venue Club. The following Teams to take part.

Horrington C.C., Duffers, Outcasts, Roughcuts, Nelson Lads, Valley 8, Shepton 8, Underwood, Cornhill 8, Dynomoes, Blakes 8, Wells Rangers, W+H Pauls, J.D & Co, Charlton Chuckers, Norfolk “N” Chance. TOP 8 GO THROUGH TO NEXT ROUND. Marker Mr G. Maynard.

2nd round of the 4-a- side Front pin to be played on Wednesday 29th January 8.pm starts.

Alley The Horseshoe Inn. Viceroys v W + H. Paul, Shepton 8 v Sheldon “A”.

Alley The Britannia Inn. Barleycorns v Pistz, Priddy 8 v Whizz Kids.

Alley The Pheasant Inn. Peacetakers v Nelson  Lads. Chewton “C”  v Shepton A.F.C.

Alley The George Inn Croscombe. Rangers. v Wookey Wizards. Outcasts V Cornhill 8.

Alley The Tramways. Sheppy Lads, v Oakhill Outcasts. Roughcuts v Cider Lads.

Alley Wookey Hole Club. Buses  ”B” v Charlton Chuckers. Georgians v Clubmen. Valley 8 v Natch  Boys.

BYE. Wookey Hole C.C.

The draw for the 3rd round of the Team Knockout Cup to be played on 30th or 31st January.

Screwballs v Oakhill Outcast. At The George Inn Croscombe . 8.30pm start Thursday.

Taste the Rainbow v Sheppy Lads. At The Britannia Inn.   8.30pm start Thursday.

Priddy 8 v Barmy 8. At The Club ”A” 8.30pm start Thursday.

Wookey Hole Club v Odds & Ends. At The Venue Club. 8.30pm start Friday.

Brick Peers v Whizz Kids. At Wells A.F.C. 8.30pm start Friday.

Wookey Hole C.C. V Brit Boys. At The Club “A” 8.30pm start Friday.

Valley 8 v Mendip Boys. Wells Rugby Club 8.30pm start Friday.

BYE. Cornhill 8.


Draw for the 2nd Round of the Badger-Line Cup to be played 30th or 31st January.

Shepton 8 v Peactakers at Wookey Hole Club 8.30pm start Thursday.

Mind the Gap v Hillbillies at Venue Club 8.30pm start Thursday.

Outcasts v Chewton “C” At The Peasant Inn 8.30pm start Thursday.

Buses “B” v J.D. & Co at The Horseshoe Inn 8.30pm start Thursday.

Showerings v Norfolk “N” Chance the George Inn G/S 8.30pm start Thursday.

Roughcuts v Trad Lads at the Charlton Inn 8.30pm start Thursday.

Wells Rangers v Pistz at the King William 8.30pm start Friday.

BYE. Underwood.