4-a-Side Front pin Cup games 30th-31st January.

Teams Playing in the Rearranged 4-A-Side Cup Games on Tues 30th January.

Tramways Club. 8.30 start.                                                   The Club “B” S/M. 8.30.start.

1. Men/Casuals v Whizz Kids.                                                3. Nelson Lads v Hillbillies.

2. The Outcasts v Buses “B”.                                                  4. Likely Lads. v Peacetakers.

Revised Draw for 4-A-Side Cup 3rd Round on Wednesday 31st January.

Tramways Club. 8.30 start                                                 The Club “A” S/M. 8.30 start.

S.M.A.F.C. v Frantic Floppers                                              Winners game 3 v Barleycorns.

The Billy Goats v Winners game 1.                                      Winners game 4 v Oakhill Outcasts.

The Venue Club 8.30 pm.start.                                             Wookey Hole Club. 8.30 start.

Wookey Hole C.C. v Wookey Wizzards.                                       Cornhill 8 v  Valley 8.

Pistz v Duffers.                                                                             Chuckers v Winners game 2.