Draw for 3rd round k/o cup and 2rd Bader-line cup.

3rd Round K/o Cup on Thursday 1st February start  8.30pm.

Screwballs v Brick Peers. at The Club “B” S/M.    Cornhill 8 v Wookey H.C.C. at Tramways.

Hillbillies v Peacetakers. at Wookey Hole Club.    Pistz v Mendip Casuals. at Well A.F.C.

J.D.& Co. v Wookey Wizards at Wells R,C,       Underwood v Valley 8 at Horseshoe Inn S/M.

Bowlers v Odds &Ends at The Venue Club.      Blakes 8 v Whizz Kids. at King William S/M.

E.M.I. Bees v S.M.A.F.C. at Ring of Bells Wookey (Badger-line Cup)).

Badger-line Cup 2nd Round on Friday 2nd February start 8.30pm.

Easy 8 v The Billy Goats. at The Venue Club,     Barleycorns v Nelson Lads, at Club “A” S/M.

Sheppey Lads v Poachers at Horseshoe inn S.M. Showerings v Cider Lads.at Tramways.

Viceroys v Roughcuts at George Croscombe. Natch Boys v Wookey H.Club.at Wells A.F.C.

Frantic Floppers v George Lads at Wookey Hole Club.