Cup Draws Week Feb26th to March 1st 2024.

Round 3 of the Individuals Tuesday 27th Februarys.

Games at the Tramways 8.30pm start.               Games at the Venue Club 8.30pm start1.                                            1.12th Man.           1. Natch Boys.                       1. Billy Goats.            1. U.B.8

2.Peacetakers.        2.Barleycorns.                      2. Cornhill 8.               2. Legion Lads.

3.Priddy 8                3. Underwood.                .    3. Cider Lads.               3. J.D.& Co.

4. Brick Peers.         4. Viceroys.                         4. Clubmen.                  4. Pistz.

5. Wookey H.C.C.   5. Mendip C asuals              5. Nelson Lads.            5. Poachers.

6.Team Horseshoe  6. Frantic Floppers.              6. Easy 8.                     6. Hillbillies.

Round 4 of the 4-A-Side Front Pin First Cup.

Playing on Wednesday 28th February                 Playing on Monday 26th February

Games at The Ring of Bells Wookey 8.30pm.start.       Games at the Club “B”. S.M.8.30.

Frantic Floppers v Peacetakers.                                       Whizz Kids. v The Chuckers.

Barleycorns. V Cornhill 8.                                                  Wookey H.C.C. v Duffers.

Round 4 of the Knockout Cup. 8.30pm Start.

Wookey Hole Wizards v Screwballs at Tramway Club. on Thursday 29th February.

Pistz v Odds & Ends at Venue Club. on Thursday 29th February.

Whizz Kids v Cornhill 8 at Wookey Hole Club. on Thursday 29th February.

Hillbillies v Valley 8 at The Club “B” S/M/ on Thursday 29th February.

Round 3 of the Badger-line Cup. 8.30 pm Start.

Barleycorns v Roughcuts at The Ring of Bells Wookey. on Thursday 29th February.

Frantic Floppers v S.M.A.F.C. at The Tramway Club. on Friday 1st March.

Sheppey Lads v Cider Lads at The Club “B” S/M. on Friday 1st March.

Easy 8 v Natch The Club “A” S/M. on Friday 1st March.